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Tue, 23 January 10:00-11:00

Leading Engaging Meetings

Senior executives consider 67% of meetings to be a waste of time, so how can you improve your meetings?

About the course

So many precious hours of the workday are taken up by meetings, sometimes leaving very little time to do anything else. In fact, in most meetings, employees are now trying to multi-task and do other work in order to get everything done. The problem here? How are we supposed to engage our team members when they may be pre-occupied or have their mind elsewhere? Meetings are necessary for aligned goals and communication, but how can you run an effective meeting which maintains people’s attention so you can fulfil the purpose of gathering your team together?

During this session, learn what makes meetings engaging, uncover the benefits of the “6 Thinking Hats” tool and ensure that all future meetings are time well spent.

Course Outline:

  1. What is an Engaging Meeting
  2. Commanding Attention
  3. The power of your voice


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