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Wed, 21 April 16:00-17:00

Inspire Your Team

Neuroscience indicates that there are workplace triggers which impact the motivation levels of your team.

About the course

At a fundamental level we are all programmed to move away from fire and towards safety. Sometimes our thoughts within the workplace can have the same effect, thoughts such as "Do I really feel part of the team?" or "Do people trust me to get work done?" or even "Do I have control over future decisions?". Whether these thoughts present themselves positively or negatively can actively encourage someone to work hard or to shun the request and not actively participate. So how do we make sure we are consistently inspiring our team so they are thinking positively?

During this session, uncover the findings of Neuroscience behind what inspires people, learn how to inspire your team and understand why people resist.

Course Outline:

  1. Brain Based Motivation
  2. INSPIRE your team
  3. Why people resist


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Katherine Baker


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